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Business Domains

Appliance Business

Showa Denki offers a wide variety of items ranging from design, structural, and electrical components used in products such as household appliances and electronics that are close to our daily lives, to resins and other electrical materials. In response to the needs of users, we propose optimal items by making the most of our global network. By considering all sorts of combinations of technologies, as well as the features of all sorts of products throughout the world, we formulate unprecedented new plans, and execute them up to the assembly step. Showa Denki responds to the customer need "Can this be achieved?" by acting as a connection point, or "joint," for the information that allows us to "Achieve this and much more."


  • Ferrite cores
  • Flexible printed circuits
  • Speakers
  • Metal pressed products
  • Electro-conductive trays
  • Printed circuit board units 
  • Dampers
  • Power supply cords
  • Light emitting diodes
  • Wire harnesses
  • Flexible flat cable
  • Rubber molded products
  • PET silk-screen print products
  • Shafts
  • Plastic fasteners
  • Heat insulation materials
  • Mica
  • Punching machined products
  • Noise filters
  • Heat sink

Transportation Equipment Business

With a focus on rail cars, we supply an extensive selection of products, ranging from interior materials which are highly visible to passengers, to underfloor outfitting which is rarely directly seen, and thereby play a role in supporting safe, secure, and comfortable operations. Also, in addition to existing products from various manufacturers, we carry out product development suited to ever-evolving market needs through tie-ups with manufacturers, and we are actively making efforts to go beyond the domestic market, and contribute to the overseas expansion of Japanese-made rail cars with outstanding safety and environmental performance. We constantly pursue efforts to make the possibilities our customers have conceived into a reality by diligently responding to their needs expressed as "Can this be achieved?"


  • Fiber reinforced plastic molded products
  • High-function resin processed products
  • Cable accessories
  • Metal pressed products
  • Electro-conductive trays
  • Multi-function resin and rubber products
  • Tapes, adhesives, silicone and other industrial materials
  • Connectors, terminals, screwless terminal blocks
  • Onboard service electronics
  • Electric wire and optical fiber
  • Sliding components

Electronics Business

While focusing on contract manufacturing and sale of electronic components and devices, particularly LED-related devices, we are currently engaged in broad expansion to production bases in China and other Asian countries in order to meet customer needs, based on our previous wealth of experience and track record, and we achieve high cost efficiency through a simple, waste-free structure based on information gathered through our overseas network. We constantly strive to create unique, new businesses, while we offer design and manufacturing services, and consistently propose better products. In addition, we are working to develop our production management systems, and thereby achieve higher production efficiency and speed, in areas ranging from high-diversity, low-volume production of items such as prototypes, to mass production of large lots. In this way, we offer total solutions suited to diverse customer needs.


  • FPCs and PCBs (multi-layer), PCB and FPC assemblies (mounted products)
  • LED-related products
  • Optical film processing
  • Touch panel displays (CTP/OGS, RTP)
  • Glass and resin lens processing, tempered glass (CG)
  • Liquid crystal (TN, STN, FSTN, TFT)
  • LED-backlight units, ultra-thin light-guiding plates
  • LED lighting, heat sink units
  • Aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloy formation
  • Electronic components

Industrial Equipment Business

We contribute to creating more affluent living for society by connecting between the users who support the growth of a broad range of industries and the best manufacturers to meet those needs, and thereby supply optimal products. These products include the weight measurement scales often seen in retail stores, tools used in the home, construction machinery essential for infrastructure development, new energy systems such as solar cells and wind generators, and medical equipment. At Showa Denki we always stand by our customers, and are ready to speedily respond to a variety of needs. In the future, we will continue to expand possibilities by broadening connections.


  • Resin molded products
  • Transformers
  • Heat sinks
  • Flow sensors
  • Fluorocarbon resin products
  • Heaters
  • Wire harnesses
  • Punching machined products
  • RF connector assemblies
  • Fan motors
  • Slip rings
  • Optical transceivers
  • Large current connectors
  • Photoelectric sensors
  • I/O system equipment
  • Wireless modules